Welcome to the Guardians homepage. Guardians has been established here as a resource for non-profit animal protection groups to establish themselves on the World Wide Web.

The idea is that several non-profit groups will use the same server, free of charge, with design and updates of their sites also provided free.

Who are you and why are you making this offer?

My name is Belinda, I live in the suburb of MacLeod in Victoria. I usually work as a temp secretary/administrator in the medical field, but have spent the last 12 months as an Intranet Administrator for a major Australian company. I have also been writing websites as a hobby for almost three years. You can find my full Resume here, and I can supply references if required.

I am making this offer because a) I want to make a contribution to the organisations like yours, and b) Undertaking the admin and design of clients' sites on a volunteer basis will give me practice and experience to add to my resume. So you see, my offer is mostly selfless, but not totally!

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Who is taking part in this project?

So far, only the Donkey Shelter in Diamond Creek Victoria has established a website with the Guardian Project; visit their website here. Many thanks to the Donkey Shelter for helping to launch the scheme!

Why do we need to be on the web?

Simple answer - you don't. Despite the impression generated in the media these days, I can't give you a single valid reason why you absolutely must have a website. On the other hand, there are advantages to being 'online'.

  • A website makes it easier for people to find you. More and more people today use the internet as their first 'port of call' when looking for information. To have a presence on the web, even if it's a small one (what you do, why you do it, how the web visitor can contact you) means that if the web-surfer is interested in donating or volunteering or is looking for assistance, they can jump straight in rather than waiting on the post or searching the phone book.
  • It's usually quicker to update a website than a print newsletter - important news flashes can be put straight on the web or members' email.
  • Members who have their own email can ask to have regular newsletters delivered electronically rather than in print; this cuts down on paper usage, printer's fees and postage.

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What other websites have you written?

Also, here are basic sample pages for

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What costs will be involved (where's the catch)?

Originally a monthly cost of approximately $10 was expected, to cover hosting costs, but since the project's inception we have established a relationship with Wild.net.au, who are providing us with hosting free of charge.

Designing, uploading and updating the sites would be done by me free of charge. The 'catch', however, is that work on Guardians sites will need to be slotted in around my paid work; as a result, there may sometimes be delays of a day or two before requested updates will be available 'live' on the web. Alma NY dumpster

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What will our web address be under this scheme?

Each organisation will have a 'virtual domain' under the main domain name. For example, if the domain name is http://www.555templates.com, Project Jonah's web address might be http://projectjonah.555templates.com, and Cat Protection's might be http://cps.555templates.com. The actual wording of that virtual domain is up to the organisation's preference.

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Will we need to sign any contracts?

Not unless you wish to initiate a contract of some sort from your side.

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What if we want to leave the scheme later on?

Organisations will be free to join or leave the scheme at any time. If an organisation wants to set up their site on their own independent domain, I will set up a redirect page at their old web address so visitors can find their new site.

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We'd prefer to start our own stand-alone site/
we've made a start on our site already, but we've stalled/
we want to be able to do updates by ourselves

In any of these cases, I'll be happy to;

  • Advise you on how to get started on your site
  • Help you 'un-stall' your website project
  • Find you a suitable training course (I can teach you the basics, but long term I'd advise a professionally run course - Council of Adult Education or http://www.vicnet.net.au spring to mind).

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What can we put on our site?

What would you like? The main thing to consider here is 'content over dazzle'. Decide first what you want your site to say, then look at how it's going to say it.

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Wait! I have more questions!

Good! Send them to me at [email protected], I'll be happy to answer them as best I can.

Thank you for your interest!

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